Actor Commercial Reel 2018




Cardinal Stage Company

(The Merchant of Venice)


"White’s choice of an all-female cast was very successful... I had to sometimes forcibly remind myself all the actors were women...The cast was fantastic...I fell in love with Caitlan Taylor’s Bassiano." - Bravo, Bloomington!

"Caitlan Taylor was a charmer as the slightly feckless wooer Bassanio." - Indiana Public Media


San Francisco Playhouse

(City of Angels)


“Ultimately, it is English’s consistency of tone and sharp eye for detail, from the comical to the poignant, from the physical to the emotional — and his instinct for casting the perfect actor for every role — that gives this show its sparkle and polish.” - SF Examiner

Caitlan Taylor, plays both Stine’s wife (Gabby) and Stone’s once girlfriend (Bobbi).  She brings class and confidence to the former and nightclub singer allure to the latter… she sings with determination and sincerity as Gabby(“It Needs Work”) and with sultry swells and swings as Bobbi (“With Every Breath I Take”).” - Theatre Eddys

Caitlan Taylor as the cheating screenwriter’s loving but clear-sighted wife is wonderful.” - Theatre Storm

“San Francisco Playhouse cast this production beautifully…. Caitlan Taylor had some nice dramatic moments as both Gabby and Bobbi. This production is a grand triumph for the folks at San Francisco Playhouse; the kind of theatrical experience you'll definitely want to see more than once.” - My Cultural Landscape


American Conservatory Theater

(Ah, Wilderness!)


“The production offers strong performances by veteran actors in major roles…. Bright contributions also come from Caitlan Taylor as a prostitute who fails to wrest Richard’s virginity but leaves him with a monstrous hangover…” - The Huffington Post

“However, the most vivid scene takes place in the bar that Richard visits, with both         Caitlan Taylor (as Belle) and Matthew Baldiga (as Salesman) offering up the most         memorable and engaging performances in the entire play.”   - Edge Media Network

“… and quarrels with Belle (Caitlan Taylor), who plays the classic “loose woman” or “tart” of 1900 saloon-life with wit and power. She plays the working girl with empathy and strength.” - Theatre Storm

“…a street sexy Caitlan Taylor who shows heart and humor toward her wooer.” - Theatre Eddys


American Conservatory Theater

(A Little Night Music)


“Early on, director Mark Lamos shows a rather heavy hand in dealing with the ghost-like quintet that breezes in and out of the action. He has them outfitted in undergarments and black masks like something out of “50 Shades of Sondheim,” rutting on the floor and carrying on as if to say, “This is not your grandmother’s ‘Night Music.’” - SF Gate

“Lamos and the company deserve mountains of praise for creating a production that feels more assured, streamlined, and "fleet of foot" than even the star-studded recent Broadway revival. It is a definitive triumph.” - SFist 

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